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              • Nylon & teflon cable tie

                Provide the most complete series of cable tie, including various types, sizes and colors of the cable tie

                Provide the most complete series of cable tie, including various types, sizes and colors of the cable tie

                Panduit tie to provide you with the best cable management solution

                Certification standards, international standards, standards of the UL certification, military and aerospace

                Areas of application: petroleum, shipbuilding, solar energy, electric power, railway, aviation and aerospace

              • Stainless steel cable tie

                Unique cable locks can lock design guarantee in any location, lock ring tensile strength is high, the level of 304 or 316 stainless steel in the bad environment can provide lasting effective strapping and mechanical fastening

                Pressure resistance, vibration resistance, radiation resistance, resistance to wind and rain erosion, corrosion resistance and extreme temperatures

                Which has the function of tension control and automatic cut off hand and air compressor installation tools, reduce the installation cost

                Certification standards: ABS certification, CEMA certification, the United States army

                Areas of application: petroleum, shipbuilding, solar energy, electric power, railway, aviation and aerospace

              • PAN - TERN terminal

                Vinyl and nylon insulated terminals and isolator openings for funnel type, insert and obstacles of cables can convenient components to a minimum

                Electrolytic copper materials, crimp molding, high electrical conductivity, by raising the terminal performance

                Choice of a variety of terminals, including ring terminal, flange fork fork type terminal, terminal, lock the fork type terminal and short fork lock type terminal

                By UL and CSA certification, in line with ROHS standards, ABS certification, IE level for nuclear power station, DFARS252.225-7014 compatible, MS25036 and MS20659 military standard

                Areas of application: communication, shipbuilding, electric power, aviation and aerospace

              • PAN-LUG

                Indicate the product function directly, make identification, reservation and use more convenient

                By high strength and high conductivity of electrolytic copper and aluminum alloy material, provide the best conductivity for the power supply and grounding applicatio

                UL, CSA certification, ABS certification by Telcordia test - meet NEBS level 3

                A variety of manual, cycle control and battery selection of hydraulic and pneumatic crimping tool, has provided reliable connection at the lowest total construction cost

                Areas of application: ships, oil, electric power, communication, railway, aviation and aerospace, etc

              • Cable tie tools

                Provide all kinds of manual, pneumatic, semi-automatic, fully bring cable tie tools

                Commonly used models:

                Manual type: GS2B, GTS, GTSL, GS4H, GS4EH

                Semi-automatic type: PAT1M, PAT2S

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